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Below, please find a list of books which may be helpful to you if you are searching for more vocational or career-related tests, cannot find what you want online, or just want tests in print.

Career Tests: 25 Revealing Self-Tests to Help You Find and Succeed at the Perfect Career Get more information

Collects 25 revealing tests that help job-seekers discover their attitudes toward and aptitudes for work. Shows how to make decisions about the right career. These tests can help you determine if you're on the right track-by teaching you how to evaluate your personality, and then match your interests and abilities to the right job for you. These tests are fun to take, easy to understand, and invaluable in helping you chooses the right career path. They'll help you make the really hard decisions: How do I really feel about my current job? Do I have the right stuff to succeed at work? What do I want to do with my life? What's the best career choice I can make? Is this the right job for me? Paperback: 256 pages ; Publisher: Adams Media Corporation; 1st edition (April 1999)

Discover What You're Best At Fun and easy tests help you choose the right career path. Get more information

Now revised and updated with valuable information on the skills in demand in electronic communications, medical technology, and other high-tech fields, this bestselling guide details the qualifications of more than 1,000 career possibilities. The book's unique National Career Aptitude System enables you to identify not only your interests but also your innate talents and potential skills, and then to match your career strengths to dozens of the more than 1,100 jobs described in detail. Discover What You're Best At enables you to set realistic and rewarding career goals based on your abilities. Paperback: 192 pages ; Publisher: Fireside; Revised edition (August 1998)


Test Your Own Job Aptitude: Exploring Your Career Potential Get more information

Easy-to-use handbook features a battery of tests which assesses logical, numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning powers, as well as technological and clerical skills. Takes into account personality, motivation, and individual interests, and matches the results against an extensive index of over 400 careers. Paperback; Publisher: Penguin USA (Paper); Reissue edition (January 1995)

Hall Career Choices Inventory . Get more information

Self-test career inventory. A Professionally developed Self-Administered, Self-Scored, Self-Interpreted Personal Aid for Career Planning and Making Better Life Choices. Mass Market Paperback: 72 pages ; Publisher: Scholastic Testing Service; 5th edition (April 2002)