Online Psychological and Personality Tests

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Psychology Tests - more serious sided

Concerned Counseling - Really well organized site. Eating disorders/body image/nutrition. Personality testing, depression, stress and anxiety, ADD, addictions, sex and relationships. Links to mental health resources.

Online Screening Tests - Access to quick, usable screening tests for anxiety, depression, sexual disorders, and Attention deficit disorder.

Anxiety Screening Test - Quick screening sponsored by NYU school of medicine/psychiatry.

Another Anxiety Screening Test - Screens for 8 categories of anxiety disorders, including panic, generalized anxiety, social phobia, ocd, etc.

Depression Screening Test - Are you experiencing signs of depression?

Emotional Intelligence Quiz - Find out your emotional intelligence quotient.

Another Emotional Intelligence Quiz - Just in case the first one wasn't enough for you :)

The Morality Test - Assesses moral attitudes, especially as they relate to religious and cultural background.