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Humorous Tests

Official Nerdity Test Homepage - Always wondered if you were a nerd? This test will tell you.

Are You a Internet Loser - Are you spending too much time on the internet?

Psychology Joke Page - How many psychologists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? and other bad psychology jokes.

Densa Test - Just how dumb are you? 12 quick questions and ratings.

Archie McPhee Nerd Test - Define your level of nerdity.

ABC's of Personal Growth - A variety of for fun quizzes, including "Are you Sigmeund Freud?" Also, self-help resources.

The Quiz Stop - Very FAST, self-scoring quizes.  Several "Love" tests (i.e. are you compatible, do you understand the opposite sex), as well as self-exploration tests (i.e. how honest are you, are you imaginative.)

Match Your Views to the Presidential Candidates - One of the best politically-oriented tests we've seen. It matches your political views to those of each of the presidential candidates. Provides a "best match" candidate, and compares your views to each presidential hopeful.

Humorous Personality Test - Analyze your personality into 1 of 16 funny types.

Stress Test - How stressed are you versus how stress do you THINK you are? Humorous.