Online Psychological and Personality Tests

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Below, please find a list of books which may be helpful to you if you are searching for more intelligence tests, cannot find what you want online, or just want tests in print.

Test Your IQ . Get more information

Dr. Eysenck explains his theory of IQ and intelligence, and provides several tests for you to complete and score. Paperback: 213 pages ; Penguin USA (Paper); (January 1995)

Test Your Smarts: The Big Book of Self-Scoring IQ Tests . Get more information

Just how intelligent are you--do you dare find out? The truth is in here, tucked away in these timed, brain-challenging quizzes that test your mental flexibility, sense of logic, and verbal, numeric, and spatial smarts. Paperback: 160 pages ; Publisher: Sterling; (June 2001)

The Times Book of IQ Tests Get more information

This book contains ten new tests each of forty questions, compiled by IQ test experts, complete with a guide to assessing performance. Paperback: 199 pages ; Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd; (November 2003)

The Mensa Genius Quiz-A-Day Book .Get more information

Match your wits against Mensa with this exciting collection of brainteasers, word games, number conundrums, and logical mysteries. There's more palindromes and paradoxes, anagrams and algorithms, than ever before! Paperback: 173 pages ; Publisher: Perseus Publishing; (September 1989)