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1) Psychological tests are developed in many different ways. In truth, anyone can develop a test and claim that it is "psychological." The best tests are developed by professionals with the aid of extensive research and reliability/validity information, and without this research, tests are unlikely to be either valid or meaningful. No background or development information is provided regarding the tests linked to from this website, and a link on the OnlinePsychologicalTests.com website does not imply either the endorsement or validity of a test. The links provided on the OnlinePsychologicalTests.com website are for entertainment only.

2) Regarding the use of psychological tests in general: while well developed tests can be useful tools if used correctly and thoughtfully, you cannot rely on the results of a test without knowing where it comes from, who is scoring it (and how),and the limits of its interpretations. Results of a test may not apply accurately to you, or may not reflect your personal experience. Psychological tests are not intended to, and DO NOT, provide definitive answers in and of themselves. They are best used in conjunction with a trained mental health professional. They are not a substitute for therapy. If you have questions or concerns about a test, or are using tests to evaluate a problem that you feel that you might have, you are highly encouraged to consult a trained psychological professional. 

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